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Bigo Live | How to earn money online by working from home in Bigo Live Streaming App

A Bigo is a Global Live Streaming App where user Stream/Broadcast to show their life moments, showcase talents, interact to send or receive Virtual gift as “bigo diamond” in real-time, and enjoy fun live sessions with people worldwide. The bigo live app is available in over 150 countries.

Below are the steps you can follow to get a Hosting from Bigo Live:-

As per the above information, a user or a broadcaster can earn money as a salary if the broadcaster signs a contract with Bigo Technology inc. with Particular Terms & Condition in a form of “Sign with us” in spite of the virtual gifts send by the senders of the broadcaster.

Below are the steps you can follow to get a Hosting from Bigo Live:-

=> Firstly you have to download the Bigo Live Application.

=>You have to contact the Official’s recruiter through different

  • You can open any family in the family tab in the menu option and contact the family leader.
  • You can visit the senior broadcaster to ask for help regarding hosting procedure.
  • You can visit the official website “www.bigo.tv” or “Bigo Live” Application and refer to the contact us page.

=> Then the Official Interview will be conducted by the requiter and admins of Bigo Live.

=> After the selection of the candidate “Sign with US” Agreement is signed by the Host .

=> Once the agreement is approved, you will become an official Host.


Criteria to become an Official Host:-

=> Host should be adult i.e. Age 18 Plus.

=> Host must be presentable, good looking and have some talent or creativity.

=> Have a good command in any of the official languages.

=> Need to have a Smartphone with good internet connectivity.


Salary:- Salary of the Host is provided once the broadcaster achieved the target and Host can earn a salary of more than $300 depends on the gift received by a broadcaster.


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