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Bigo Level:- Bigo level defines the status and experience of the broadcaster/Senders on the Bigo Live Application.  As per your level,, your level increases additional perks and features available in your account. The higher your level is the cooler medals and honorable pendant you will get. Upgrading of level depends on the Experience(exp.). you get by completing your daily task. 

Hacks to increase your level in Bigo Live:-

    • Check-In Bonus:-  Once you check in the bigo app for a day you are rewarded by 25 exp per day.
    • Watching Live Broads:- By watching host broadcasting you can earn upto 35 exp per day.
    • Share Live broad:- By sharing the live broad you can get upto 30 exp per day.
    • Send Gifts:- Sending a gift by a sender will gain 5 exp per diamond, Higher the sending of gifts leads to receiving of experience..
    • Receive Gifts:- Receiving of gifts by broadcaster will get 3 exp per beans, Higher the receiving of gifts leads to get higher number of experience.
    • Upgrading to VIP:- Once you upgrade yours account to VIP will accelerate your privilege to get higher percentage of experience.
    • Increase number of Fans:- if the number of followers increases for the user than automatically all the factors of increasing experience will boost.
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