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Bigo Host Salary | How to Earn Money from Bigo Live Broadcasting !!

Official Bigo Host Salary

A Host/Broadcaster can easily earn money from the “Bigo Live App” by Audio/video streaming from home at a convenient time. Once the broadcaster signs a contract with Bigo Technology inc. with particular terms & conditions in a form of “Sign with us” Agreement despite the virtual gift received by the Host.
Bigo Live is one of the best entertaining App where you can make a large amount of extra money apart from mainstream Income by utilizing your spare time in Live Streaming. Once you are live you are ready to earn without any charges or expenses that you have to bear. this app is a very trending live streaming app in all the age groups to make online money from home by taking an official Hosting and showcasing their talent in Video or Audio broadcasting worldwide, the Viewer Recharge the virtual currency of Bigo( Bigo Diamonds) who are overwhelmed by performing Host shows their gratitude by Sending Virtual Gift which are purchased in terms of “Bigo Diamond”.

Bigo Host Salary Chart | How to Earn Money from Bigo Live Broadcasting :-

Bigo Live

Besides of minimum beans received by the host, there is some more requirement to receive a salary:-

  • Total beans received by the host in a month should be more than “20000”.
  • The host should complete 60 hours of live streaming/broadcasting in month.
  • The host should complete 15 days of Live streaming, one day will be count if host streams more than 1 hr in a day.
  • The calculation of the above condition examines on the monthly basis.
  • the above conditions should reflect with the live data of the broadcaster.

Note:- Bigo Beans reward which are given to the host after completion of a different official Task i.e. Official Pk Rewards, Activity Rewards, Star Completion Rewards, etc. are excluded in the above chart.

For better understanding below are the one examples to get a piece of complete knowledge about Bigo Salary:-
=> If a Host receives a gift of 35000 beans in a month by fulfilling the above conditions.

Particulars Amount (Beans)
Total Beans received by a Host
Add:-Salary Beans rewarded a salary   
(20000 x 65% +15000 x 50%)
 Less:- Recruiter Commission (20500*10 %)
Total Income Of Host in Beans

Conversion of beans in $


(Total Salary in Beans /210 (Conversion. Rate))

         Note:- Amount of $254 can be converted as per the dollar conversion rate of the country.

Hope the above information can clear all the doubts regarding the salary of Bigo Live App. Kindly Contact if anyone need to be a Host in “Bigo Live App ”  by sharing the details in our Email Address “[email protected]” we can divert the request to the concerned authority who can help with the same.

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